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Bank Accounts for the Forex & Gaming Industry

Forex & Online Gambling are among the most regulated activities in the financial industry.

Countries around the world have their own regulatory framework to ensure that those two activities are properly managed and monitored.

Opening bank accounts for the Forex and Online Gambling industry is very difficult, and banks are very reluctant to work with those businesses since those are considered extremely high risk and demand from the banks to deploy huge resources to maintain and monitor those types of accounts. So, most banks prefer not taking the risk and simply refuse to open those type of accounts.

Fintech & Innovation Ltd has a proper understanding of those business activities which allows us to provide banking and "alternative" payment solutions for the industry. We and our Financial Partners are comfortable working in those sectors. We can work with start-ups as well as well-established Forex & Gambling companies, We already work with some of the Top 20 Forex & Gambling companies and we keep providing them with innovative solutions.

We offer solutions for your operational business accounts, segregated funds accounts via our Financial Partners across the globe.

With our years of experience, hard work and long lasting relationship with our Financial Partners, we have created banking solutions willing to accept Forex & Gambling businesses.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to know more about our banking solutions.

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