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Compliance as a Service by Fintech & Innovation Ltd

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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Due to the fact that financial regulations are getting more complex worldwide, hiring the right compliance officer with the experience and proper understanding of the financial industry frameworks in a specific jurisdiction is very hard and expensive. We have launched at Fintech & Innovation Ltd a concept that helps companies in need of a compliance officer to outsource that key person from our expert team. We call it "compliance-as-a-service".

Business Sectors that we support:

  1. Money Service Business & remittance platforms

  2. eWallet platforms

  3. Forex

  4. Crypto

  5. Corporate Service Providers

What do we provide as part of Compliance as a Service?

a. We ensure that users onboarded by our Client are KYC compliant as per local laws.

b. We report to the Client on any irregularities following KYC checks on each user.

c. We ensure that transactions of each user are risk free and as per local regulations.

d. We report to the Client on any compliance issues for any transaction and ensure that adequate documentation is provided for each transaction.

e. We file any Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR) to the respective authorities when required as per the local laws.

f. We provide guidance to the Client on reducing compliance risks during this agreement.

g. We represent the Client for any interviews and/or questions requested by the authorities and provide assistance to the Client during their financial license application process.

Key benefits of using our Compliance as a Service

  • Immediate access to our compliance expert team; no need to recruit

  • Reduce your staffing cost

  • We have different packages depending on your exact requirements

  • Monthly or Yearly contracts

Talk to us now.

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